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Warm Welcome to Our New Sponsor


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Let's all give Moloko's a big PNWMAS as our newest sponsor.


If you haven't been there your missing out on some great food, and some awesome tanks. Oh, that Christian guy (maxicurls) is pretty alright too...


Very pleased to have you around fine Sir!



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Thanks guys! I love the club, & I'm stoked that you guys like Moloko. The more fellow reefers we have hanging out, the cooler the place is, as far as I'm concerned.


I need to have some critical eyes around to keep me on my game! When the clientele is all regular civilians, one gets tempted to just throw in a few clownfish & some green star polyps & call it a day.  :) Our doors are open 7 days a week to come & zone out on tanks, whether you're eating & drinking or not, even if you're scurvy-ridden sea dogs like Bob Fenner & John Manrow.  :D

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