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Sorry for yet another question but I just can't resist because I know there are so many knowledgable people on here!


How much flow is too much flow for a zoa/paly, a hammer, and mostly SPS reef tank? I am running a standard 55 gallon tank and right now my flow comes from my return pump (1000 GPH I believe) and a Jabeo RW-8. I have the RW-8 set on else mode which is a randomized setting of increasing and decreasing flow. The RW-8 is on the right wall of my tank and blows across the entire tank. I feel like there is a ton of flow in the tank at times and that it might almost be to much flow but I am not sure. Just looking for some different peoples input on how much flow I should have. 


Thanks in advance!

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This is a question that has no easy answer, if you run more flow up top where many of your SPS will be and less flow lower where much of the LPS will be you can get a happy medium. Direct flow is generally unhospitable to most corals particularly fleshy LPS so keep that in mind.

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If your hammer is open, it is fine IME. I run pretty high flow systems as well and keep many LPS and SPS 8300eb8ee4c0a7a865e328e70cc99c01.jpg


It's just a phone pic but you can see that large LPS colony right infront of the RW8. Only problem I have with it is it keeps growing. I also have some hammers and frogspawns in there built into that little valley.


That tank runs two wp40's and an Rw8 plus the return at it's peak flow time.




One of these days I'll take a real pic of my tank.



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