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Have You Heard? Inexpensive Fix For Blue Cell Phone Pics


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Guessing many of you have, but just in case I wanted to share...


There are these inexpensive tinted plastic 'gel filters' you can place over a lense.


Example pic without filter


With filter




with filter pic is much closer to accurate.  Its a quick and dirty helper for cell phone pics every reef keeper with a phone should have one   :agree:


I ordered mine here for 3.49, there are many places to pick them up since these are no longer in stock



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Looks like he still has them for sale.  They are 3.49, but 4.49 to ship.  You have to click 'from these sellers', here is the link




Still, 8 bucks to make that big of a difference, it is a decent investment!  I think they come in other formats too, just sharing my low cost option here...

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$8 is actually quite expensive for that. For $8 you can buy a sheet that is 20x24" local. Maybe I should pick one up before the next meeting. 


It is just a Roscoe CTO gel. 


Depending on your phone, there are apps that allow white balancing and color manipulation as well. I understand my CC Adobe subscription now comes with Lightroom for the iPhone, but I haven't had a chance to play/download it yet. Been to busy. 


Edit: ON second glance I did not realize you got 8 different colors for $8. I'm not sure why you would need 8 colors though, 1 color should work IME. 


(wow so much time to edit, it's amazing all the extra time I have)

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EDIT:Hope the software doesn't allow the edit feature as someone mentioned

Not sure where you thought you read that. Read the whole post maybe?


The Edit option exsists, but was voted by a Unanimous vote by those who participated to keep it limited to it's current time frame. 


Your right it won't be my headache very much longer at all. 

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Cool!  I need to hit the app store.  Had one for a while and they discontinued it.  


Although I will say this thing stuff did a bang up job and I am guessing it should last forever if I can keep it clean.  Great idea to bring some to the next meeting and hand it out.  I am using an amber colored one FWIW.

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There are several shades of Amber, you are likely using the "CTO" version, it seems to be the most popular. Some people also use a sheet for a neutral density filter between their LED's and the tank to not get that blue dot look that LED photos can give sometimes. 


Those gels do get bent up which makes them harder to shoot through. I think ideally getting them pressed onto acrylic or something like that would keep them more durable. 


The large sheets of gels are sold all around town. Usually 6-8 bucks IIRC. 


The phone app I use is the SmugMug Pro app but I think you have to have the Pro Smugmug account to download that and it's a bit pricey for most ($35 a month), but I use the account for business so, the app was an extra to me. If you really want to look into it I would suggest reading some things by Kalebra Kelby as she seems to be the current iPhone queen for pics. Also the Omni clips can be quite helpful, as is the magnifying app for macro shots. 




Here is a link http://www.shotwithmytrustyiphone.com/

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Here's a shot of your awesome aquamans Robert with and without the filter (thanks again!)


 No prob man, they look like they are growing for you rather well. Gotta love those Juicy pastel blue polyps. Filter works great though, I can't wait to have some to mess with.

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I just ordered a set from Ebay, $6.50 w/free shipping! 


That's a great deal!  Hope it makes a difference for ya, I keep mine on a shelf by the tank for quick shots.  Fingerprints can be an issue I suppose, just hold them on the edges.  Looking forward to pics!

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What kind of phone are you using? I don't really get blue pics....they come out looking pretty much exactly like they do in my tank. If not I would just use a free editing app to resolve. Still a nice find for those who can't fix otherwise.

iPhone 6 plus, terrible under leds

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