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Jebao WP-40/60 on 1 inch acrylic/glass


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Good question!  You have a whole new world of magnetic challenges for the tub, but it is a very good problem to have indeed!


This guy mounted his powerheads to the over flow.




You can also mount them on sea swirl like things possibly, although I can imagine the WP-60s breaking them LOL...




Another option might be a hang on acrylic bracket made of 1/4" or something, hanging over the back.  Not pretty but might not be noticeable.

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Oh hey Steve, I think you want 60s vs the 40s.  I am doing 60s in the main tank and frag.  


They don't clog up and slow down like the 40s over time and you can dial em back as necessary.  The RWs are supposed to be better, but I have 4 60s here so it will be a while before switching out / reinvesting.  


If starting from scratch the RW-20s might be a good way to go.

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