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Glass Sump question


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 I have a 40 glass breeder for my sump. Saturday I went to TAP and had 4 pieces cut for the sump.


Today I start looking into the dimensions for setting up my acrylic baffles. I then stumble into a part of the article that says do not attach acrylic to glass for the baffles in your sump?


I guess I just don't want to continue if I am going to just need to cut the baffles out latter.



So what do you all think? Thank you in advance for your help. Troy

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I've done it too, and it works just fine as long as you glue/seal the baffles in place well. The key is that they need to hold water, so a tight seal is required. That's likely why they advise against it, because it's not a solvent weld like acrylic to acrylic.

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I've had problems with this sort of thing once. I attached acrylic baffles to my acrylic sump with silicon because I wanted the ability to change their placement without sawing through the acrylic, & I wasn't concerned with them being perfectly water-tight anyway.


Silicone doesn't adhere to acrylic like it does to glass. It can form a good gasket for acrylic sometimes, but I wouldn't depend on it's stickiness to have much force after 6 months or so, or for any bond to form.  


My panels failed. At some point I'll get around to draining the sump & properly welding the panels on. Maybe yours will work better because 1/2 of the bond is to glass, but I would imagine it's not your most long lasting option.

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