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Reddish Color Splotches In Purple Deaths?


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Thats pretty cool. Do they come and go randomly, or perhaps around water changes or something like that? It looks neat!


Thanks!  I wish it was permanent, seems random.  Water changes are automatic and every day from 2-3, so I don't think that is it.  Strange!


It's not a planaria is it? If not, very cool!


Hahaha, no thank goodness!  You made me go look again though (POTM - Jeremy has Planaria!)


stop poking them with a stick!




How long have they been sitting by the mind blowing palys, I've heard the purple death/nuclear greens can be effected pretty easily by rover palys.


Good thought Jack, I am used to seeing the smaller zoas mix a little, never thought of the nukes affecting them.  They have been by each other for months I am guessing.

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I heard about nuks and deaths affecting each other.. so i put a clump of each next to each other.... the nukes started getting purple centers.... it was cool, until i realized that my nukes were turning into purple deaths...  had to separate them.

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purple bleeding deaths... you killed Barney. how could you!

I saw your Grow Out frag had some different colors/zoason it.. lucky.. I may want a frag of those after this comp is all done.. 

Mine lookd less like stars and more like blue with red skirts.. I'll have to wait and see if the babies color up with the sharp lines

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