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Official Entry Thread for TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out Competition 2015

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I hope Jesse does not mind me utilizing most of his write up for the rules of the competition. If it is uncalled for please let me know and I will see that it is taken down but if it is fine with you then I must say thank you fro saving me some time and effort, it is appreciated.


Well Contestants this is the official thread to post your entries! If you post your entry in another thread it will not count. Contest begins April 20th!You have a week before and a week after to post up your picture. This competition will run 4 months!


Ground Rules: The goal of this competition is to be both educational and fun. I am hopeful the winners will be able to share their "secrets" and truly see how different lighting, supplements, dosing, and tank parameters can make a difference in growth.


Rules and Guidelines for The TECO Zoa Grow Out Competition. 


1.Your first post must include a quick write up of your system in the competition thread. Including tank size, flow, lighting, placement of the frag, frag measurement, equipment (ie calcium reactor, dosing, etc), feeding regiment, etc.


2. You will be required to post photo updates. The contest will start April 20th. You will be required to post a photo update once a month. I will remind you of this when the time is soon to post. I know life gets busy and people go out of town so you have a 2 week window to post.You will have 7 days before the 20th and 7 days after to post your update. If you do not post within the allotted time frame you will be disqualified. 


3. Please no cheating. This competition is meant to be fun and for bragging rights. Cheaters will be disqualified and banned from any future competitions(PEDS were not used for Frankenfrag).


4. The frags must remain on the original plug. You may modify the plug if needed example cutting off the stem for placement. You may place the frag anywhere you want in your tank and you may move it to a different spot during the competition but it is frowned upon  and you cannot move it to a new tank as the point is to see how the frag does over time in different systems.


5. Initial photos of frags need to have a top down as well as side shot so we can all see the frag and what you are starting with. No hiding zoa polyps in your photos. Not following the rules will cause you to be disqualified, I know that sounds harsh but it is out of fairness to the rest of the group. Remember a lot can happen in 4 months. During the last growout many were DQ'd due to not posting. It's really simple. JUST DO IT. Length of competition: The competition will run for 4 months. This will give us enough time for       the frag to grow. A lot can happen in 4 months and a lot of people could drop out, so if you are persistent, you have a chance to win the grand prize. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Final post will be July 20th 2015 for the winner. 


Judging a winner: Should be pretty straight forward this grow out. The most polyps at the end wins.


Winner  of each category shall have glorious bragging rights along with the honors of choosing a desired name for their winning polyps.


But the Grand Prize is...Coral of course!!!


But not going to spoil it yet, you have to play.


Our Standing List of Fine PNWMAS Contestants are...

1- Badxgillen       *6&2,**13&3, ***23&3,****36&3

2- Matty               *9&2,**12&5, ***22&6,****27&7

4- BlueZreef        *9&2,**10&2, ***17&3,****20&5

5- Jadams           *8&3,**12&3, ***16&4,****19&7

8- SeanS             *8&2,**14&4,***22&4,****25&5

9- Clark               *6&2**9&0, ***15 ,      ****13

12-Spilo               *7&2,**22&5,***31&5,****39&5

18- Kireek            *8&2**16&2,***36&1,****50+

22-Gill&Fin           *7&2,**9&2,***17,    ****14

23- Cerk1985       *7&2,**14&2,***26&2,****44

26-New2salwater *8&2,**11&2,***15&2,****16&2

27-Paratore          *6,**12, ***17,            ****27

30-Smann             *7,**13, ***24,           ****36+


Current as of 7-28-15

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Badxgillen"Bert" Grow Out Tank Specs

System Specs.

Tank Size--     210 sump is temporarily off line until I get a hole drilled through the wall and that could be a while so                        I am sticking with 210.

Flow-     4 Utilitarian high flow 3000GPHChinese duel circ pumps, 2 2,500GPH Xwave pumps, 2 1,5000GPH                                 Koralias so about 20,000GPH

Filtration -      I run a HUGE Aqua Euro Recirc Skimmer with Duel 550GPH Needle Wheel pumps.

                      There are 2 HOB filters for media on each end of the tank for particles and I only run Carbon in them.

Lighting-        This tank is running 3 of the Old school Mad Mike layout LEDs from Bo so I suppose I would call them                       custom full  spectrum 55 X 3 watt LEDs.

I Dose-          3 part Alk and Caclium every day and Mag weekly to Bi-weekly, I also use Iodine supplement, and                             Seachems Fuel.

                      I also Carbon Dose via Hood River Distillery but very little.

I Feed-          My fish get daily Omega One Marine Pellets and my Fish\Corals get Brine shrimps, Mysis Shrimps,                          Cyclopeeze, sometimes reef chili, oh and the occasional blood worm feeding.


And now for my first entry.. Top shot of the Reds, they are very mad from moving but you can see em.




And top down of the Palys.




Side view of the red zoas showing you much more polyp action. I swear these started out as 6 polyps and have already grown a baby...It was a week or so ago when they were fragged I suppose.




And the side shot of the palys.




I got one that looks funky here.


So Aprils entry for me looks like 2 Palys and 8 Zoas. Beat that!!!

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So question, I havnt counted mine yet and dont know if they are all the same, but I imagine theres different amounts of polyps per frag. Does that mean some people have a head start, or handicap? Or is the winner based on the total number of polyps added to their original total. I will throw it out there, if they were all the same to start, two polyps fell off mine and are gone for ever lol

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Tank Specs


System Specs.

Tank Size--     450 gallon system, 240 DT, 100 Frag, 100 sump.  Frags are in 100 frag

Flow-     Frag tank - 2 WP - 60s rated at ~5,000 GPH, running on 'else mode'.

Filtration -      Custom 5' skimmer with Jebao DC 12000 Blue Z Mod.  UV, Chaeto, Live Rock, GFO, Carbon in BRS reactors

Lighting-        Custom LED spectrum (Stock D120 with Bombertech Mods).

I Dose-          Seachem Fusion Plus 2 part,  Seachem Reef Plus, Brightwell Iodione (potassium iodide).  Stopped carbon dosing a few months ago, might have to start back up.  Also add Mag, Strontium, Boron Iron as needed based on test kits (Like DSR method).  Also Drip 2 gallons of Kalk per day.

I Feed-          Allot of big flake foods and pellets (no freezer in office).

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So question, I havnt counted mine yet and dont know if they are all the same, but I imagine theres different amounts of polyps per frag. Does that mean some people have a head start, or handicap? Or is the winner based on the total number of polyps added to their original total. I will throw it out there, if they were all the same to start, two polyps fell off mine and are gone for ever lol


That seems like a fair approach.  The delta of the number of heads.

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So question, I havnt counted mine yet and dont know if they are all the same, but I imagine theres different amounts of polyps per frag. Does that mean some people have a head start, or handicap? Or is the winner based on the total number of polyps added to their original total. I will throw it out there, if they were all the same to start, two polyps fell off mine and are gone for ever lol

Yes , you are correct in both accounts but alas I cannot change my previous posts.


I tried to make the frags as similar as possible but when there was 60+ frags it was difficult, I did the best I could. Most of the frags should be in the 2 polyp range for the palys and 6+ on the red zoanthids.

The Winner will be determined on growth of "Their" frags so as you mentioned the added number of polyps to the starting polyp number.

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Here is my first entry.  Looks like 8 heads to me.




And 2 heads on the paly.  I really pissed it off when I picked it up for the photo.


My system is a 240 gallon display with a 40 breeder sump and a 29 gallon refugium.

flow is provided from 2 MP-60s and the return pump

light is provided from 5 Ocean Revive Arctic-S026.

Filtration is done with a Reef Octopus Elite 220

I run 2 reactors with carbon and gfo.

calcium is maintained with a Reef Octopus dual chamber calcium reactor.

I feed once a day and alternate between pellets, LRS frozen food, and algae sheets.

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Thank you again for putting this together! It's my first growout comp, so I'm really excited! :applause:


I'm starting with 6 polyps of the zoanthids.


Top down view:


Tank is sitting on a red cabinet, and you can see the frag is all the way up to the front glass.


Front view:



Left side:



Right side:



Now, time to laugh at my tank specs! Tank is so newly cycled, I'm utilizing an ammonia badge just to be safe, but hey, me being least likely to win means the rest of you are each one step closer to being the winner yourself. :agree:


Tank: cheap-o 10 gallon, set up as a coral/invert QT


Flow & filtration: one and the same, a cheap Aqueon HOB filter with a sponge seeded from my reef tank


Lighting: 2 T5 bulbs, one 10,000K daylight and one true actinic


Feeding: I squirt a VERY small amount of food in every few days (mix of cyclopeeze, Reef Nutrition eggs, and mysis) and do my best to get it into the mouths of corals, rather than all over the tank, although I am not particularly successful at that


No dosing, no reactors, no sump, no skimmer, no fish, no luck (we'll see)!

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Here's mine.


System specs are:


210 gal display

75 gal sump (50 gal volume)

Flow is provided by 2- WP 40,s controlled via Apex and an Iwaki MD100 return

Filtration is done with dual filter socks and an Aqua C EV240

Reed octopus calcium reactor

Lighting is 3 ocean revive s026 units. Debating on adding another

I feed flake at least once a day along with my blender mush and/or nori when I'm feeling froggy.

Frags are placed in the middle if the tank with moderate flow.


Only one paly.



And I count 12 Zoas





Left side



Right side



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Dang man, mad polyps on those Zoas, and the Paly already has some pretty wild speckles in the black, it has that nice "Fire lava" effect.


Looks like 10 on the Red and blue guys and a stand alone Paly, once I figure out how to edit I will post up a list of contest participants and there polyp counts for the month of April.

So far looking good with some amazing photos, crisp and clear.

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8f67d4f441c832f8bdc45fdd46d3f0d0.jpg6c7f7ee82954a081681c81c9584929e7.jpgb50c24b460735b4dff34ac590dc8e7c4.jpglooks like I'm starting with 8 polyps!

Tank- 38 nuvo, frag is located on right side of tank on the Zoa frag rack

flow- I have 2 jebao power head running about half of max flow and a return that came with the nuvo!

Lighting- kessil a160 we run blues and whites switch off every other day or couple of days, sometimes at 50% each just depends!

Filter- IM skimmer, filter pads including carbon in back sump(guess you could call it that)

Dosing- I dose brightwell 2 part every morning( alk is around 9(what I shoot for)) gonna start dosing mag! Also dose aminos once a week as well as iodine!

Feeding- I feed purple tang nori everyday, and try to feed fish frozen food every day, I feed lrs, spot feed corals( Lps- acans) once a week!

Cleaning- I do a 5 gallon water change and clean out skimmer cup once a week!


Thank you so much for doing this comp :clap: !Excited to see how it goes, let me know if I need to add anything to this description! :)



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Here we go:

Paly, 2 heads+1 tiny one that has yet to open. Not sure if this counts as 2, 2.5 or 3. My polyps have gold/orange skirts with a ton of gold flecks. They were a bit smaller than the others I saw as well. I think they are gorgeous.


Still trying for a good top down.


Zoa: 8 heads. I'm really excited to see how fast this one will grow, seems really robust so far!




Tank specs:

30 cube with 15 gallon sump

Filtration is an E-Shoppes skimmer+sock filter. GFO and carbon sit in bags in the HOB overflow, and it works amazingly well actually.

Water Movement via 2x Jebao wp10

Lighting is 250watt DE Phoenix 14k. Metal Halides (on a small tank) still rule :biggrin2:

Dosing is 2 part and vinegar via Jebao DP4 dosing pump

Tank is fed unstrained LRS and/or mysis 5 days a week

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two polyps on the palys, 5 polyps on the zoas

My system:

120g DT

50g fuge/sump


mag 18 return

2 WP-40s


2x IT 2040 custom spectrum


Ca, Mg, Alk, VSV, trace elements/aminos


LRS 1x/day

pellets 1x/day

live phyto every day or so...

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Tank is only a few months old

Tank specs

135 cube 40 ish maybe gallon sump

sro3000int skimmer

Aquauv 55w sterilizer

Carbon and purigen in different reactors

Big sequence return... not sure of actual gph but it's dialed back a lotttt

wp60 through apex for flow

Dosing I'm still kinda working on that no set amount of anything yet

Or t247 leds for lighting

30g water change weekly unless I get lazy

My palys have 2 heads





Zoas are 7 heads... 6 and a baby




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Tank: I've got them both in my 36 gallon bow front with a trickle filter and HOB skimmer.

Flow: 2 jebao WP10s

Lighting: Ocean Revive 247, 8 hrs of blue and 6 hrs regular.

Placement: Both on the bottom front of tank.

Dosing: Test KH, Ca weekly and dose 3 x week as needed to keep KH 8.5ish and Ca 400 to 420. Test mg monthly to stay at 1320ish. I keep nitrates at about 3. Salinity at 1.025 pretty religiously.

Feeding: LRS every 2 days for fish and nems, dust coral about 3 x week.


7 zoas and 2 palys. I am having an impossible time uploading pics. Literally been working on it 1 1/2 hours. Let's see if this works.





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The easiest way to upload pictures is via Photobucket. Get the picture on there, copy the image on the right hand side and then paste it here in the post you want to make. That should do it.


Also , this is the Official Day that everything begins, every one now has one week to get there specs and photos up. 

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Tank specs: 40b with approximately 20 gallons in the sump. An it2060, rw-8 for flow, a vertex in-80 skimmer. The frag is on the sanbed. My pics were taken right after moving to get a better angle so it's a bit irritated. Six polyps 1 baby 56efe197b5a5b94b1a9598debb8e3e2a.jpg79693ea8977199e7f9c9e67cfdd640a3.jpg

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Tank specs 50 gallon cube tank from SCAquariums.


Lighting is LEDs on for about 14 hrs a day


Flow 1 Jebao RW 8 and 1 Jebao WP- 10


SC Aquariums skimmer.


Not dosing anything just water change every 2 weeks.


Lots of fish and algae ;)


Will post pics tomorrow



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