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WTB LED light


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Im looking at setting up my older 30 gal biocube and wanting to kinda stay cheap on the lights, does anyone know of a cheaper LED light that has legs that would be able to go over the tank?


It currently has a metal hailide that i do not want to be using, and im trying to stay cheaper on this.

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    • By Collin
      hello all,
      I am looking at lighting options for my new set up and stumbled upon the Reed Breeder lights. BRS and Reef News Network seem to like them but I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience with them. Also if any of you have other suggestions of a light that is relatively inexpensive, delivers good par and coverage, send them my way! btw the tank dimensions are the same as a 40 gal breeder. 
      btw if anyone is selling their reef breeder lights specifically the photon 32 V2 let me know
    • By air561
      Hey guys, I have a 21 gal nano and this XR30 was way too strong for it. I used it for about 6 months before I took it down and replaced it with a Kessel A80. This thing is killer and will grow anything you want. Fully programmable. I have all manual and warranty paperwork as well. It's clean and every LED works.

    • By sharambil
      Hi everyone,
      My name is Shane. I'm setting up my first reef in a 20g long. I'm hoping it'll bring long-term enjoyment while I wait for my university to reopen.
      I am looking for a few materials for setting up. Let me know if you have anything, especially if you are located near or around Portland, Beaverton, or Hillsboro.
      Light - Looking for a budget (ideally LED) system that's output is largely blue.  10lbs of dry rock - I'm willing to try wet/damp live rock options if it's less than 4-5$ a pound Aragonite sand (ideally still new and in packaging) Refractometer Reef salt (Instant ocean or something similar) I'm also curious what the cost of RO/DI water (per gallon) is at the local fish stores. 
    • By bamburgb
      Currently have 3 reefcorner 180p lights 2 work good 1 half the lights blue channel is out and needs a diode replaced.  I have ran them for a quite a while but recently changed lights and do not need them.
      They are 180 watt fully programmable on the face plate with timers and dimmers built in. They ramp up and down on the intensity based on your settings you put in. 3 channels (night, whites, blues) and each channel has 6 set points. 
      $100 obo
    • By Dakotapi3rc3
      29g Tank and lid: 10 bucks
      Small 75w heater: free
      Macro hob m-50 skimmer: 30 bucks
      Hiparigro led: 30 bucks
      Pic was when tank was running. Broken down and onto a new one.

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