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Not that kind, but now that I have your attention.

I'm planning to build a tank in a big ceramic bowl. I'm kind of thinking an Oregon coast tide pool theme. I'm having trouble deciding what kind of bowl to use. There are two different styles I'm trying to decide between. The first one is a basic planter bowl, it's glazed all along the outside, except the bottom, and most of the inside. It already has a hole in the bottom for water drainage that I could use for the bulkhead. My concern with this one is that the bottom isn't glazed, so I'm a little afraid of salt slowly creeping through since it's porous clay.


The other style is meant to be used as a pond or water bowl. It's fully glazed and doesn't have a drainage hole, so I'd have to drill one. This one is about twice as much money, but I don't have to worry about the exposed clay seeping over time.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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I would say your main concern would be the saltwater reacting with ingredients in the glazing added for color, etc.



Text found at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqscamarfaq2.htm


Clay in aquarium?    8/30/07Hi there, I've been browsing thru the site and it looks very helpful. I was wondering, i have a small clay pot which I'd like to put in my marine tank as a decoration, is this a bad idea? Could dust / particles be dangerous at all? <If it's an un-painted ceramic pot, it's probably fine. A lot of clown fish breeders use un-painted ceramic pots. On the other hand, some aquarists fear that heavy metals might leach out from the clay. There might be something to this worry since clay has a great capacity for absorbing heavy metals. Then again, some clays are highly valued for their ability to absorb, retain and stabilize heavy metals. So, either clay is toxic and to be avoided, or, we should be using it as a filter. Does that answer your question? LOL j/k Ok, seriously, if it's un-painted, commercially fired, well rinsed and hasn't been used for anything else, then I'd say it's fine (especially if this isn't a reef tank).> Kind Regards, K. <Best, Sara M.

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either silicone up the bulkhead so its water tight.. or use a HOB filter for the fulled sealed pot.. thats what I would do

Not too worried about the bulkhead. I was more concerned about the bare, unglazed clay eventually letting water soak through. I'm leaning towards the fully glazed bowl I think. I'd need to drill the drainage hole bigger anyway to fit a bulkhead.

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