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Frag Swap Questions


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So this is my first ever Frag Swap so I was hopping you guys could answer some of my general questions. 


I am relatively new to the hobby and therefor do not have some of the higher end corals to trade. Are people generally only interested in the higher end stuff or a little bit of everything? 

For example some things I have are..

-Kiwi Zoas

-Eagle eye Zoas

-Armor of Gods

-Green Bay Packers

-Brown Star Polyps

-and some other zoa/polpys i don't know the name of and will attach pictures of.


Are people interested in the lower end stuff like this or should I just pass on bringing stuff to trade?




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Hi Paratore,


A good way to approach it is to make a for sale or trade thread, and specify pickup at the meeting.


There could be people interested in your frags, the for sale/trade thread is a good way to find out.


I don't think (could be wrong) this is one of those frag swaps where people setup tanks and booths etc...

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Thank you theclark for the feed back.  I might have to just observe this frag swap and see how it all works unless someone responds to this wanting me to bring something to trade. 

On another note, how often do these things happen?

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If you are coming.. bring some frags you made.. something you think people will need, or want to trade for.. kiwi zoas sound interesting to me.  

Once there you can ask if someone would like to trade for them, if anyone is willing you swap frags. 


generally on their worth you can frag just a couple polyps, to maybe 15 polyps.. all depending on worth.. I try to make my frags $10-30 range so I have some variety to trade with.  but it all comes down to if the other person needs your coral


smaller frags are better, and its best to set up a trade before hand, but I will bring some just in case of a random trade. Its usually what I have fragged up already.


Im bringing
Cherry Charms,
Mind blowing Palys. 

Nuclear winter paly, 

blueberry fields, 

and could bring others if asked.


If anyone else wants to specially trade, PM me

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And I know a reefer or two who usually bring a couple frags for any beginners that might show up. If you're not totally attached to your corals this is a good way to frag up the "lower end" corals that maybe no one is buying. But I'm not at all saying there wouldn't be a buyer, just no guarantees until you get there and talk with people if you didn't set up something in advance.

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