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Weird unknown giant hermit crab monstrosity


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I inherited a tank from a friend that didn't apparently get approval for her 7 ft long 2 ft x 2 ft tank in her apartment. Go figure. In said tank is the coolest but most bizarre crab. I feel like it's some sort of baby snowshoe hermit hybrid crab. He/she is very pretty. But is MASSIVE for the situation I transferred it to, which is a 55 gaL.

I'd like to find it a good home. I know most of you are located in the Portland area so i'm not really going to ask much for him. maybe $5. Or really whatever you'd want to pay for said hermit crab. I'm located in Corvallis and am flexible about meeting up. Research has not prevailed and I have no idea what species it is. 

I know I am posting this super late but I will be in Portland tomorrow post 11 am-ish. If i need to bring this guy up for one of you lucky devils. 

Monster Crab: 



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