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Some frags f/s - zoas, digi, birdsnest, frogspawn, Yumas

Blue Z Reef

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Clearing out some space on the frag rack


(3X frags) Sunny D zoas, 4-5 heads minimum- $15

Rainbow Raptor zoas, 3 heads - $15

(2X frags) Red digi, multi branch, encrusting - $10

Large green birdsnest, mini colony approx 4-6" with many branches - $20

Neon Green Yumas - $5/ 2 heads loose, have tons lol

2 head of green/purple frogspawn (not fragged yet) - $20



Only real trade I'm after is a torch, longer tentacle preferred. Maybe an utter chaos frag :)


2 month old pic, everything is bigger now






Newer pic of birdsnest, actinics on sorry! Taking up most of my rack!


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Interested in the Yumas, but I am down in Eugene. Any chance you'd be willing to ship em to me? I'm thinking we might be able to get away with priority since you are so close.

No worries if no, might not be worth your time.

That would be a bit spendy for $5-10 worth of Yumas since priority would be about $15. I haven't shipped any corals myself and would rather not. If you ever make it up here hit me up and I'll hook you up!



Everything is located in Orchards area of Vancouver

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