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mars aqua led


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set up about 3 weeks my marsaqua led lights. My Lights are still a bit far from my tank. However my rbta is out and starting to get sticky again and turning red again. And my critters are out.. lights are on about 6 hours. Fullest brightness and color I'd want the lights. I'm just going to need at least 4 more. Sump and refuge and all. And one more for my longer tank as well I'm setting up.


I was impressed with customer service as well. One came with a noisy fan. I contacted them and no questions asked me fan on way free of cost. One day later. Didn't even need to take picture. Kudos there. .


I can honestly say those words rarely come out of my mouth.


Also I'm seeing less algae growth and brown think I had with my last metal halide 20 250 was I had. .


Negative to it was I had to put a heater in the tank. The lights don't keep my tank warm.. later I will post pictures

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