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A couple of ID's please


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Looks exactly like the purple acro I fragged and sold. Looks like it grows the same sporadic wild way too. I think I had got mine from Danik, Sorry I can't offer a name though. Never thought I'd sell a coral because it got so big but alas it had to go.


No clue on the other cool looking monti looking bit.

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I'm not sure but it looks like the Westside Rainbow. (From Tim's shop) It was a fast grower for me too.

Did Tim have a Westside Rainbow Acro? I have a piece of his Rainbow tort:





Where as the similar piece I was referring to looked like:


Crazy, weed like growth like I've never seen in an acro.

It definitely looks very similar to that second picture of yours there. Do you recall if it was more 'porous' than most other acros? That was the odd thing about mine when looking at it was the texture. I do not recall where I got it from. It came in brown and it has been in pretty low light, and yes, growing like a weed too. 

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Thanks for all the help everyone! Looks like we got one down...Rainbow Tortuosa Acropora looks to be pretty spot on:



Now for the purple with white polyps...anyone have any guesses? Heres a couple more pictures that may show a bit more detail:

In the background here...





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