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momo3419 possible acan Grow out

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Hello, I was thinking of possibly starting a grow out and i saw these insane Acans on craigslist in bellvue. I thought maybe we could put together a grow out for these insane acans there at sea king aquariums. If theres interest in this let me know there only two frags left when the ad was posted a day ago. If theres some reefers wanting to get in on these let me know. I don't know if I wanna them in my tank although my Acans are thriving. If theres anyone who wants to get in on this let me know ASAP. there listed for 150 for two heads or 220 for three heads. Let me know and ill call and see if theres any left if there people interested. If there 3-5 people who want in I think we can do this. after we figure out who's in we can pick a tank to grow the Acans in.file:///Users/Mitchel/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202015-04-05%20at%202.17.08%20AM.png

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ReefnJunkie may run it for you if he gets wind of this.. unless he already has the morph..

List what kinda group price it will be to buy in on your growout.
If it was 6 people. and you bought the 3 heads to get a head start.. it would be ~37, maybe $1-3 for frag discs and glue. $40 per person for a single head down the line. 


same deal if you have 4 people interested and buy 2 heads. $40 per person.

if you waited longer and did 6 people with 2 heads it would be $25 plus frag discs.



Count me in if its 25

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I just got off the phone with sea king. If someone is willing to drive up today then he is willing to hold a frag. If not he is if the don't sell today he is willing to hold them for a week. Well I'm guessing we are going to wait till the end of the day? Let me know if theres anyone who wants to make the journey to Bellevue this fine easter day. If not we will wait and see!  

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Heres who i have so for sure Based off of what I've heard so far










I would like to keep it to six but if theres someone who can drive up to Bellvue to get the frag we may be able to work something out. I have contacted The shop and they have two frags left one at 220 and one at 250. if theres someone who can upload photos I can send you the photos to upload once I get them. 


On a side note he is only willing to hold a frag for us for a week meaning someone would need to get there by sunday. 

On a another side note My thought for payment was to use paypal. I can collect the money and send it to whoever gets the frag. Or we can do cash. being the time crunch Im thinking paypal would be best. Let me know your thoughts

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Heres who I have for the grow out






Cha (driver)


Ill get the photos of the frag today and I will send them out to the people of who i have there numbers. If I have not gotten yet can you please PM that. Cha said the would be able to get up there the 8th or 9th to get the frag. Im still open to whoever has the best system to grow the frag out. 

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Not even close.  I was ready to pay for the full thing for everyone just so we could get it without a bunch of weird phone calls about who was going to do what... They were only going to hold it for a week. It came down to someone trying to add on a bunch of corals to the group buy thus raising the cost thus causing only 3 people left in.  Everyone got so annoyed with it that we abandoned the idea.  I called to try and get it once it got abandoned but the guy said he was going to keep it for himself to grow out since it had so much interest.

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