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Fish feeder questions


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Ok, I am debating getting an automatic fish feeder to use when I travel (which is quite often). So I am looking for some advice from some of you with experience with automatic feeders...my concern is most of the flake and dry food I would feed would just stay on the top water level and go right down into the overflow, as I would assume the feeders wouldn't drop the food underwater. I have a good bit of movement on the water surface, so am I just SOL or have you guys figured out a trick to get around this? 

Figured I would ask before I buy a piece of equipment I may end up not using. 




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Have you heard of "melevsreef" he sell a chimney for the anhiem http://www.melevsreef.com/catalog/eheim-chimney

Ah yes! I have read many of his articles over the years. That looks like a pretty handy little box that would do just what I need. 


Iv seen a couple videos where people use pvc... it drops into the pipe and floats around inside the pipe til it sinks

I think I may try to rig something up like this. time to get creative!

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