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Help me finish stocking my tank


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I am hoping to add another critter or two to my tank, and need some recommendations.


The main criteria are compatibility with existing livestock, and the ability to thrive being fed only once a day, and not at all on weekends.

If at all possible, I would like a fish that swims in the open water and has a distinctly different look than what I have, but those are secondary concerns.


Tank info:

30 cube (20x20x18)

15 gallon sump

Approx water volume of system 30-35 gallons

Tank is set up for mixed reef, SPS, LPS and zoas with water params suitable for acros

No refugium and consequently very few pods

Tank is fed heavily once a day on weekdays 


Current critters:

Black Ocellaris clown, Azure Damsel, Tail Spot Blenny, Skunk cleaner shrimp, dwarf hermits, Nassarius snail and assorted hitch hiker clean up crew.


Some fish ideas:

Another clown?

Wrasse, possum or flasher. I love these guys but am concerned they wouldn't do well with my feeding schedule.

Firefish. While my current fish are quite peaceful with each other, I have been warned a firefish may still be too timid.

Chalk bass or other basslet. My best bet?

Dwarf angel. Too risky with LPS?

Goby of some sort, neon blue or court jester perhaps?


Yellow Stripe Cardinal?

Something else?



Tuxedo Urchin

More Shrimp

Emerald or Acro crab




What do you guys say, is there something on the list that would be a good fit? Am I already at capacity? 


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That Azure Damsel will get increasingly more territorial as time goes on, might be something to think about.

Good to know. I'll keep my eye on him, and if he ever gets too grumpy, I'll try to find a nice big tang filled tank to move him to so he can fight to his hearts content.


For now though, he is a model citizen. He typically only shows aggression towards people who don't feed him, and who can blame him for that?

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