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Deteriorating Urchin

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Here's some info from a quick online search from someone named "UrchinHead." (Seems credible, right? :congratulatory: ):


If an urchin's spines fall off they are most likely dying and there isn't much that can be done to save them. While it is possible to attempt rehabilitation via a hospital tank coupled with offering allot of food like nori usually by the time the spines are falling off it is too late and humane euthanization such as via freezing is more appropriate. It is important to remove the urchin from the tank as soon as spine loss is observed as delay could cause the urchin to expire in a location difficult to access or see which would cause a spike in the tank.

As with all invertebrates copper based medications are fatal to urchins.

Urchins are also sensitive to rapid shifts in salinity and can get salinity shock which can be fatal.

Urchins do not tolerate high nitrates. If there are high nitrates in the tank an urchin will shed its spines.

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You might consider switching to some kind of drip top-off system. You can make a simple one with some airline and a small valve, or even a loose knot in the dripline. Then, just pre-measure the top-off water and siphon.

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The top off water I've him probably did not hurt him at all. If you did a very large top off and there was a sudden change in salinity maybe, but the top off water landing on the urchin was not likely the cause of the death IME.



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