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New Social Acclimation Container

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Barrier Reef's Social Acclimation Container is perfect for reducing stress on new fish when they are being introduced into your display aquarium. It does this by giving new fish a safe refuge where they can get used to their new aquarium without being chased or bullied by your established inhabitants. It also gives your existing fish a chance to get used to the presence of the new addition(s) by allowing them to see the new fish. The easy access feeding holes on top make it simple to feed the acclimating fish. The Social Acclimation Containers also feature a sliding exit door(s) which you open when you are ready to let the new fish into the aquarium. At the appropriate time, opening the door allows the fish to exit when it feels ready. Lastly, each box has many small holes to allow water to flow through them. The fish cannot escape, but waste products are flushed away and fresh oxygenated water is allowed in so that your fish do not suffer while contained. The Social Acclimation Container can also serve as an in tank refugium for other purposes, like recuperating an injured fish.

Specifications For Medium Size

10"L x 6"W x 7.5"H
Two Feeding Holes On Top
Hinged Lid
Divider Wall Creates Two Chambers Or It Can Be Removed To Create One Big Single Chamber
Two Sliding Doors Open To The Aquarium When You Are Ready For The Fish To Be Released
Small Water Flow Holes
Four Secure Suction Cups For Mounting
Ships Economically In A Small Flat Box (Unassembled)



16993733002_9b42bf7204.jpgacclimationbox by barrierreefaquariums

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