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FS: IM Nuvo Fusion 20 setup(New-ish) with lights, upgraded pump, media baskets


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So here's the deal - I bought this with full intentions of using this as a long term display. I had it setup, filled it, and was on day 4 when my landlord came by and told me that she'd rather me not have any tank over 10 gallons. Aparently some smart guy had a larger tank in one of the upstairs bedrooms and it caused some serious damage. Now they have a blanket policy about aquariums. Someone always has to ruin it for everyone :(

I am pretty good friends with the landlord and family, but I don't really want to piss them off by arguing the point. Sooo, my loss, hastiness and lack of forethought to ask, etc.. is your gain.


I bought this tank as a "Premium Starter Kit", so you get two of the new fancy 18w Skye LED clamp-on lights. I also upgraded the media baskets to IM's Custom Caddy, and the pump to a Cobalt MJ1200 for a little better flow.


You get:

IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Gallon - with spiffy mesh top.

2 x 18w Skye LED clamp-on lights.

Custom Caddy Media Baskets

Stock Media Baskets

Cobalt MJ1200 (installed)

Stock pump (which is apparently a IM's own "Nuvo 16" Pump)


Since I currently now have my rock and sand cycling in a bucket, I'd like to move this fast so I can apparently buy a 10 gallon :D


Asking $300 - I am located in Eugene, OR, and am willing to drive as far as Albany to meet up if needed(possibly Salem if I am free this weekend).



Lights ablazin'



What you get.



All packed up, ready to go(with top!  yay!):


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