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Brightwell Code B Alkalinity Buffer crystallization


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Boy, I am no chemistry expert, but it seems that crystals are precipitation.  Perhaps something precipitated out, leaving a lower concentration of something in the solution.  At a minimum monitor your alk to be sure it is holding.  Good luck let us know what you find out.  Sometimes Brightwell responds to email questions like this, worth a shot.

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I used to do some webwork for Jack Kent.  He is the guy who created Kent Aquatics/Continuum/white labels the brightwell brand to them (Hence the similar looks to their sites). 


My Continuum does the exact same thing... once I get about halfway down.  I haven't seen any negative effects from it and my alkalinity tests the same.  If you dribble some around the rim it crystalizes as well. Again... I haven't noticed any negative effects from it. 

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Guest Bevo5

Same here - happens to me. I shake it up every now and again but so far I haven't noticed a change....or at least nothing noticeable. Kind of annoying though, because it also clogs up the dosing tube. If I don't clean it every few days it closes shut. I'm going to try aiming my ATO tube at it...see if that helps. 

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You were right, theclark. They answered right away. Here is what they said:


Thank you for your inquiry. Crystallization in our liquid supplements is common and safe during colder months due to the very high concentration of the materials. I’ve just shaken the bottle well to break up the crystals into small bits and then dosed as normal when it happened to me.


We have a new Facebook page; www.facebook.com/brightwellaquatics Please visit and like us. We’ll be giving regular product spotlights every Monday and Friday, announcing new product releases, sharing company news, and answering technical questions there as well. I am still available to answer product questions via email and phone if you prefer.


I hope that my reply has answered your questions satisfactorily. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to direct them to my attention. Have a pleasant day.




Kindest regards,


Phil Edwards, MS


Representing Brightwell Aquatics, Aqua Vision Aquatics, and Continuum Aquatics



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