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Should I buy?


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That SWC sounds beefy! I'd keep an eye on air draw when considering a new skimmer. The curve 9 only pulls 35 SCFH vs the 70 that the SWC does. I look at what the pump is capable of over what the company rates their capacity for.


If you want something around 400 new, check out the RO Prime 200. The pump air draw is the same as the BM but the skimmer is the same as the elite model I have. Having had both, I will say the quality on the new RO skimmers blows the BMs out of the water. Plus if you eventually add a DC pump you have an elite model then.

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The Swc is not the cone, it's the straight body... think I'm gonna pass on it, leery about buying used from a private party all the way across the country...

Oh got ya Steve! Didn't know you had found a tank. I really liked the one I showed you located in Washington but I'm sure what you picked up is nice as well.. let me know of you need any help with plumbing sir.

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