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SPS n stuff


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Need to make some room, and I broke down the frag tank so its gettuing crowded in the display. sorry for the crappy iphone 4 photos of pissed off coral. "They look better in person"



Colony of puple nana $40



Purple acro "5+ inches $10



I could make $10 frags of this pink mille. It looks like crap in my tank but another local reefer got a frag and it looks nice and pink in his tank.




I forget what this is, but a plating SPS that is green with brown polyps, about the size of a hockey puck $10



Could also make $10, 1" frags of Cali Tort




Alien Eye Chalices $20 ea @8-10 eyes each, 3 available



Frogspawn cut to order, @$5 head, may be a min of a couple heads



I live in NE portland @sandy and freement. Please only ask for something if you are going to actually buy it.


Thanks for looking!



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