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TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out 2015

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Jody over at TECO has gotten a few nice pieces as of recently including SPS,LPS, and some Zoas\Palys. After taking a gander at those beautiful rocks I thought to myself, Hey, Why not do another Grow out Competition with these bad boys. It has always been fun, even when losing.


Depending on the rock we go with there would be a certain number of allotted slots, we would take original frag pictures along with listing some tank specs\parameters, some monthly updates and that is that.

I was thinking of just keeping it simple with the old basic rules of number of polyps at end of the competition, say 4 months? 


I know I already have a few people interested in signing up but to keep it fair I have not put anyone in the comp yet so stay tuned for an update to the thread.


I am awaiting some better photos of the possible candidates, exciting isn't it!?

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Wow, posted this morning and already this much interest. Iam hoping he send me the pics tonight or tomorrow, one is similar to a lunar eclipse while another is a people eater morph with a purple shield to it. Might have to get the larger rock to accommodate everyone though. Should get the price with the pics, I presume it should be a inexpensive buy in with it being split so many ways.

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I'd do it to if there's room. I came in second place in the teco green slimer grow out a couple years ago! That's what I was handing out to everyone at the happy hour!

See what I mean, everyone can be a winner. Thanks again Bill. Edited by badxgillen
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