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WTS-reloading supplies


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I cant find a non-reef related thread as there once was so here I post.


I quit reloading and would like to sell these if possible-Prices are firm unless you plan to buying BULK 


Trijicon TA01NSN ACOG 4x32 .223 BDC Riflescope W/ TA51 Mount-750.00

Caldwells Lead Sled 140.00

Primers all Winchester;
4K small pistol 22.00/1000
3K large pistol 22.00/1000
1K large rifle 22.00/1000

IMR 4895 20.00 per/lb I've got 16-1lb containers
Winchester 231 120.00 per 8lb container-I've got 2 containers

Used 900 rounds .308  50.00 per 250 rounds
Used 1000 rounds .45 acp 45.00 per 500
Used ~1400 rounds .223 50.00 per 1000

Brass new Winchester .308 530 rounds 16.00 per 50 rounds

30 cal Nosler Ballistic Tip 180 gr Spitzer 20.00 per box of 50 I've got 5 sealed boxes and roughly 30 more for ~280 bullets

.45 cal Hornady 185 gr HP/XTP 18.00 per 100 I've got 6 sealed boxes

.224 69gr HPBT 75.00 per box of 500 I've got 2 sealed boxes

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