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TRUVU Acrylic Bowing?


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Hello guys/gals, new to forum, and pretty new to saltwater.


I've had a 30 gallon biocube for a while, and am looking to upgrade, so I bought a 90 gallon acrylic TRUVU tank, and stand. The tank looks flawless, no major scratches or anything, but when i filled it with water to check for leaks and such, the bowing was very scary....I'm afriad it will bust! haha. Does anybody have  any comments or experience with TRUVU tanks? and their bowing? i know some bow is normal, but is there a way to measure out how much is too much?


I will take some photos tomorrow in the day light, and post them up if necessary.


Thank you all for your time and support!

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Guest Bevo5

I have never had a Truvu but I've had plenty of experience with large acrylic tanks and their behavior. A little bit of flex is normal, but it should never be more than 1/4in. How tall is the tank and how thick is the acrylic? That's the key. 


The best way to measure it - that I found - was to hold a level vertically on the front pane. Then you can take a small ruler and see just how much flex you're getting at the top. You should also then write Truvu and tell them what the measurements are and make sure they say it's OK. 


Also - make sure the tank is level. Use shims to get the stand level if not....and don't do that with water in the tank! Level it out and then fill it up half way and check the level again. Then you should be good to go.

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I have I believe a 90 truvu and it never bowed. However, it is one that the sides pinch in and wasnt a rectangle. Haven't had water in it for a eon though. It was delegated to a reptile tank..



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