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Assuie gold torch


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I'm tempted to get an Assuie Gold Torch.. Anyone have them? Do they actually look like this: http://uniquecorals.com/euphyllia-glabrescens-ausiie-gold-torch-coral-2-stock-frag.html '> http://uniquecorals.com/euphyllia-glabrescens-ausiie-gold-torch-coral-2-stock-frag.html ?


Just want to make sure pics is not just high saturation and contrast. [emoji39]

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I got a small one from Jeff (Cuttles) when he had them on sale a while back and it has doubled in size in a three month period??  It is really a beautiful coral and seems easy to

keep.  Always lots of movement and the yellow coloration is very intense.  I really like this coral.

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I'm not sure how to attach a photo from my phone or I would. I tried downloading tapatalk and that did not seem to work for me. Anyone have other ideas on downloading photos from

a phone?

If tapatalk isn't working, then I'd use the photobucket app.

It takes a little getting used to but works.

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