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Our other spoiled pets

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What a cutie! I have a few other pets, but my dogs are the best ones. :wub:




A little nighttime cuddling in the hammock last summer with my big baby, Princeton. He's about 11 or 12; I've had him 10 years and the vet estimated he was not more than 2 when I first got him. A handful at times, but my absolute favorite dog in the world! Can't even imagine how I'll get through life without him one day.




My little cancer survivor, Sasha. Adopted her as a puppy, and she'll turn 10 this fall. Total TV addict!  She sits in front of the TV every morning and cries till you turn it on. It's also nearly impossible to use any electronic device with a screen without her shoving herself in the way so she can see it. Both ridiculously cute and super annoying, since it pretty much guarantees she will pounce on you to get a good view. We used to have a problem with her licking, biting, and scratching at the TV, especially when there were animals on the screen, but we wised up and moved it onto a narrow table that doesn't allow space for her, so now she just cries and runs around a little when something excites her. Alligators and snakes work her up the most, so I'm glad we don't live in Florida!

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