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Flashy Fins

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I know I'm not the only one who often gets frustrated trying to take pictures of corals, because nothing ever seems to look as nice in photos as it does in person, but every now and then, I end up with a picture I'm happy to show off. :wub:  My new screen saver:









Purchased as a tiny frag from OIAB in October of 2013. It's a slight bit more red in person, but a definite pink glow, rather than the orange-red color I see occasionally. However big it gets, I'll just keep getting bigger tanks for it, because the thought of fragging it scares the crap out of me!  Maybe it'll get basketball sized one day and I can charge people $1 to look at it. :laugh:




Close-up that gave me a laugh. Hands! :applause:


What is everyone else most proud of in their tank? Could be growth-wise or just for how photogenic it is - show me your best/favorite/pride and joy!

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what is that Flashy Fins? love the color


Goniopora, aka flower pot coral.  I don't know exactly which species mine is, but some are more difficult than others. In general, they have a reputation for being almost impossible to keep, although more people have had success with red ones than other colors. I either got lucky with an easy one, or else my tank is magic, because I don't do anything special for it. My set-up is low to medium flow, and I broadcast feed the tank once or twice a week.

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