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Please come take everything out of my tank for $140 OBO


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I move in a week and I've changed my mind about keeping my fish tank. I will package all the Livestock for a smoking deal. Everything has a price but it's only to show to the total value, I am selling as a package only. You can leave anything behind you don't want, it will cost the same and whatever is left will be taken to the LFS. 


Everything Totals for about $225 at discount, please come pick everything up for $140. OBO.


Located near 160th and Stark in SE Portland. Pics: http://s1192.photobucket.com/user/EricaBuckner93/library/28%20nano%20for%20sale


Please text me directly at nine seven one, two nine five, one eight three five.




2 ocellaris clowns (asking $25 for the pair)

1 diamond goby -$10

1 lawnmower blenny -$10

1 purple reef lobster (Will be sold after corals, hard to get a picture let alone catch him) -$20

1 sand sifting star -$5

a dozen hermit crabs

a small variety of snails


Radioactive dragoneye zoas -$15

some red/orange zoa -$15

branched green torch -$25

green mushrooms -$20

green palys -$25

nice big toadstool that the clownfish host -25$

a good 3" diameter Hollywood stunner chalice (comes attached to a big piece of rock) -$20

Some red macro algae growing here and there

lots and lots of very happy pink xenia three colonies of av variet of rock pieces, -$20 ea.

calupra growing everywhere (every month I collect it and bring in in to my LFS and get good store credit)

~50 lbs live rock and 20 or 30 lbs live sand


Free aptasia (lol)

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