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What food do you use to feed your Blue Throat Trigger?


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I would like to hear some other people's experiences with BTT. Mine is a male and faded its color when I got it, and it's pretty thin, not exactly bony but thin. I bought shrimp, clam, squid and chopped them. I've been using this to feed him for a while but he doesn't seem to get better. Also he doesn't like selcon for some reason. I leave very early and come home late so he only gets fed once per day. I'm thinking if I should find a better home for him.

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I had a BTT trigger and it would literally eat everything I put in the tank-even my fingers :(


But seriously, how long have you had him, Im curious if its always been thin? I feed heavily and he was FAT, bulging fat.


Im pretty sure he just needs/WANTS (LOL) more food-Just feed him more, He'll stop eating when he is full :)

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