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Seachem Reef Trace


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Newer to salt and working on my first reef tank. I was given some Seachem Reef Trace and wondered if this stuff is safe for shrimp. I noticed it has copper in the ingredients which is usually a no go for freshwater shrimp.



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I use reef plus (reef trace + aminos) and have a couple of fire shrimp.  No issues.  In fact, with the added iodide it is good for them.  Of course follow the directions and don't overdose.


You may get the age old advice  'if you cannot test, do not dose' advice for sure, but from my experience it is absolutely safe.

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Ah, thanks for the opportunity to clarify.


I mentioned iodide because it is considered by some to be helpful for shrimp molting.  Rather than hurting the shrimp with copper, this actually can help if you are deficient in iodine.


it sure is nice that the ingredients are listed.  So many things available for the tank keep the recipe proprietary.

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