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Made a bonehead move I was reading the test wrong it had to much copper so i . Thought adding water would dilute it but I added stress coat to get rid of the chlorine and read thats a toxic combo so I did a 50% water change! Thinking that would help all fish are good except my coral beauty which is vertical bobby up and down getting air even though I have an air pump into a power head dupllying oxygen. Anything I can do or is it s goner?

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Chloroquine Phosphate also works pretty good.


A 10 gallon aquarium is very small. What kind of fish & disease are you treating it with? A 10 gallon aquarium is not a 10 gallon aquarium. You need to measure the size by your own and calculate the actual volume. Do it in metric and figure out how many mL cupramine you need to dilute it into the suggested concentration. I would say if you are treating it with angels, use 1/2 of the suggested dose for the first day, and do another in the following day, so that you have more time to make sure the fish can handle it. Also I recommend using the Copper Test Kit from Seachem since it's their brand and they have a reference 0.5 mg/L solution with it. Also change your water frequently when you do it in a 10 gallon aquarium. When you change water make sure the concentration is consistent with the water in that 10 gallon aquarium.  As you also mentioned, try to avoid adding dechlorinator in the water as it will make the water very toxic. I would recommend changing all of the water and redo it, or use carbon or CupraSorb. Inspect the copper level daily. Make sure to increase the concentration slowly. The part I hate copper treatment is that it can easily kill your fish, and you never know when is enough because some individuals couldn't handle 0.5 mg/L well.


Oh also make sure you test NO3 NO2 frequently... they can get up very fast.

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