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Moloko's Get together March 2015


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Well, the meet and greet at Moloko's was a big success, lotsa people ended up swinging by and there was plenty of socializing about reef related subjects, it was a blast. It was like the bar was over run by the PNWMAS Crew, We had stacks of coolers and boxes at the front lounge area of the bar and the atmosphere was of a certain "Marine" sort of vibe.There was a raffle of corals from the establishments tanks and the Sasquatch brought a frag as well, this was all free instead of buy ins wich left me with more money to snag some other much needed things. 



I must apologize about taking a little while to get the pics up but Lex and I got home rather late that night and had so many corals to acclimate and put away that it was both good and bad. Then back to work in the morning as it was Monday again.Another apology for the pic quality as it was just me and the phone, my camera is acting up as of recently. I had to get the pics off of the phone then uploaded to photobucket then find the better shots of the batch, you know the drill, so I am a little late but here they are.




First many of us met up at Cuttle Fish and Corals for a peek at his stock and to chat with a few other reefers that were not going to be able to make the meet. As we arrived Spilo and Clark were already getting ready to leave but at least I got to see them and say whats up. 




Took a quick peek at his goods...Found a couple things I liked...




Spent almost $200...Easy to do there. I have to give a shout out to Jeff though as he made Lex and I killer deals since we made the long trip and had not been in for some time. You Rock Jeff!





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And now onto the Party!


Maxicurls was a fine host, greeting everyone with a smile and getting right into the conversations on reefing. He really knew what was going on in his tanks and had much to add to the whole gathering itself. A fine bar, with fine drinks, and an incredible atmosphere. Here he is getting ready to feed all these fat fish and corals.




Thank You Chris, very nice of you to accommodate all of us, You Da Man.




As you may have expected there was many many trades abound, I know I got my fair share of trades in and walked away with around 10 new corals and I gave out a similar number myself...Yeah Buddy!.

Bicycle Bill was slinging frags left and right, such a generous guy. He hooked me up with some M.M. Tricolor and some Flower Petal Cap. I know many people will get their first go at SPS with some generous Green Slimer frags he just up and handed out.


You Rock as well Bill.

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Jmanrow was also making rounds not only being the informing conversationalist that he is he came equipped with a whole case of water bottles filled with Phytoplankton and Rotifers to hand out to the club. Another outstanding member, don't want to sound like a broken record but you my friend Rock As well...Keep on rockin.




No its not alcohol its a nice coral protein shake, He also explained how to keep the cultures up and running with the old 2 liter bottle method.




Thanks again J, I needed the crash course, it's been a while since I did the live foods.

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Sasquatch and Flashyfins chatting it up, I heard much fish related conversations that I wanted to get in on but I was already engaged with another person in a conversation myself. So many people and so little time, I did not get a chance to talk to you sasquatch as much as I would have liked too, hope we can meet up here sooner than later.




Kevin had some multiple personality disorder that day...Ok maybe not, just holding onto some name tags for Blackice and Robyna. Another person I wished I had talked to some more, he was a back of the bar kinda guy and I was all up front around the coral trading...I gotta get my priorities straight.




Gillandfins and Lexinverts just enjoying the tanks and having a good time, both have some experience in different areas of the aquatics so it was fun exchanging some info and stories...and corals.



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Speaking of back of the bar SeanS and Eclipse were with the cool kids in the back by the biant LPS tank, if either of you two are ever this way let me know and I can get you a frag or two just for fun. Good meeting you and hope to see you at the next meeting.




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My pleasure guys, you all know that even though I do not talk as much, or post as much, as the rest of you I am still here hanging out just trying to do my little part for the good people of the reefing community.


Speaking of good people take a look at these guys...




Fishoutofwater snagged a couple new frags and I hope he likes em. Give me a shout out if you ever want to try a couple more types of the monti, I got plenty to go round.




Daniel!!! I always enjoy looking at your new works\projects and it was great to meet you in person. Keep on sharing that experience with the rest of us, I love DIY and I have an appreciation for those of us that put in that effort to our hobby rather than pay some one else to do so. 

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Lex and I also made rounds to see Mandinga for a trade and see the new salt water setup that he is helping with.




It was looking pretty good, had to scratch the itch and snag a couple corals for the road.




The last stop was Beer's house for his generous donation to the Brandon Auction...and Lexinverts donation. Both of these guys rock some pretty awesome SPS tanks. Keep me in mind for some of that acropora goodness guys.




And I really appreciate the Blue tipped slimer, I will make sure Corvallis gets its fair share once it grows out knowing its share the love lineage, your first on the list LEX.

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