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WTB: Auto top off


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I've bee using autotopoff.com float switch with relay for years. Added one at work with aqualifter and works pretty well. Aqualifter seems to stop working every few months for no reason though.

I looked on their site but couldn't really find any nano size floats. Will check again. :)



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I have been using the Tunze nano with this latest tank and it works well. The pump is plenty strong enough and the magnetic mount is nice. I had always used ATO.com units before and they worked well also, I just don't like the Aqualifter pumps. They work well if they don't have to pump far but they are finicky.


I got my Tunze on Amazon under the open box for like $90.

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I've done the same thing, but for safety I would use a 12-volt DC power supply to run the relay (that turns on the pump)  as well.  If you used the whole 120 volts from the wall socket you could have a shocking hazard.  I used this from Amazon for my frag set up:

Ledwholesalers 30 Watt LED Power Suppply Driver Transformer 120 to 12 Volt DC Output, 3207

It's $15.25.


On my 110 gallon I actually used the power supply from an old Nintendo I found at the thrift store! 

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