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Any common reasons why when ever I get a nem they hide in my rocks. They usually start out good and happy but seem to head for the rocks within a week or so. I've lost two in the past and my newest one is starting to hide, don't want to loose another one.


Lighting: 6 bulb T-5 ATI bulbs 8.5" off water level, nem is about 14" deep in tank.

3x Coral Plus

2x Blue Plus

1x Actinic

Water: Could use a WC but perimeters are good

Temp: 78.4

Sal.: 1.021

RedSea test kit

Mag: 1350

Alk: 10.4

Cal: 450

API test kit

PH: 8.3

Pho.: .8

Nitrites, Nitrates, Ammonia: 0


The nem still looks happy with lots of bubbles but why would he be hiding?


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What anemones do you have? BTA? Do you have a good about of water flow?

I also agree that your S.G. needs to be higher. 1.021 is fine for a fish only tank, but inverts should be closer to 1.025

Other than Sal. & Pho., all your other parameters are good!


Good source of info here...  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/btabehfaqs.htm


Keep working on lowering those phosphates!  They should be below 0.03   http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-05/rhf/

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The Salinity has dropped slowly over the last couple weeks from trading frags, tank water going out with frags and RO water going back in to top off. 

:doh: Drove right by TPA today and didn't even think about stopping to get salt, was headed to trade frags.  :censored:

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Odd.... Mine just keep splitting like crazy


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splitting is a sign that your nem is stressed out. When they split it is out of self preservation. They split so that hopefully one half will find a better area and live.



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