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Pleeez... Update Your Profiles!!!


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We can't really make people do this. (it's all voluntary, but would be nice)The subject has been brought up a few time by some forum members since we moved to this new website after the crash! The information such as locations, Age, and Gender did not transfer from the old website. Only new members have their info posted from registration. All those that registered at the old website need to update their profiles, so other people can have an idea where we live for trades and getting together! As somebody pointed out, they couldn't care less about how old someone was, but it would be nice to know if they lived nearby. :)


This is especially helpful when we want to meet, sell, or give away things!

There are people posting in the Classifieds that have no location, and someone always has to ask!



John Manrow (JManrow)

Sherwood, Oregon (yeah... like the Forest)

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