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Zoa for Trade or Purchase


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I figured I should get a thread started for trading. There is not a whole lot for coral variety where I am at so I was hoping I could get a few more morphs\types via trading with the community. There are some varieties I would pay for but for the most part I would prefer to trade...If you want to pay for a polyp or two by all means.


Right now I am really looking to replace my...


TECO Forbidden Fruits,



This does not mean that there are not a number of types I want but do not know it yet, if I do not have it it is worth a shot to see if I do want it.. I tend to find things I like about every coral and I do like subdued colors and pastels.


I know for a fact that there are several members right here that have a large number of zoas I would like to have in my tank. Sasquatch , Clark, Bomber, you know who you are.


The thing is I live aaallll the way in Corvallis Oregon so keep that in mind, I can ship out if needed but I don't get out much due to children\health problems. Meeting up at a PNWMAS gathering or Local Fish Store is the other means to cross paths with me as I have been know to find my way to the coral shops when I get to pass through a city..

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Alien Moons






These were under way too low of light to have developed their true colors but you know how prime realestate is in a zoa garden, not every one can have that spot in the sun.




A little Christmas Cheer here.



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These are some that the Squatch wanted pics of. I have some more pics I need to get for him but to be honest I am a terrible camera man, my son shines in that department. I need to get him to take some shots but he is always so busy with home work,chores, and his own tanks. I will get him to do a photo shoot this weekend for sure though.

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I have a forbidden fruit frag set aside for ya. I am coming down to Springfield for work for a few days on the 31st. Not sure when I would be able to meet or how long I could hold them in the bag (I think I come back through on the 2nd). But we can probably work something out. 

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The plug in the middle right of this picture that is starting to come out of the frag rack is the white Hawaiian as well.






So the two polyps up front leaning this way is white Hawaiians?? or the ones in the front right redish looking..


I really like the really tall Hawaiian one that look a lil pink.

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the two polyp frag is white velvets I believe, the ones that are leaning in with three polyps and a bright green mouth are the W.H. I do not know why they appear to be pink as I used a flash for the picture and never alter my photos. as you know with many zoas and palys they will get more white depending on the amount of light received.

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The aquamans look huge!  Are they a large polyp like AOG sized?

They are pretty good sized but not as large as say nulcear greens\green implosions palys.



Just give ma an address and I will give you coral.

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