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My name is Holly and I am a Saltwater Addict. All together: "Hi, Holly."


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Once upon a time, a girl dreamed of having her own saltwater tank.  Then one day, a prince (okay, not a prince, just Jeff) set her up a 110 gallon.  She filled the tank with fish, and coral, and love.




But like any girl, she wanted more.


She longed for an anemone tank.  So she sold off her grandmother's jewelry and bought a 36 gallon bow front.




As her addiction grew, she knew that there was only one thing that could quiet the beast...a FRAG tank (or two).





This made her happy.  But soon she started hearing her family and her friends used words like, "crazy" and "obsessed."  And she began to worry. 


Until...she found this awesome forum with other "crazy" and "obsessed" addicts and she felt like she had finally come home.


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Welcome to the forum! I wouldn't call it an obsession....unless of course someone were to start adding on to their house or tearing walls down....

And even still it could be justified to some extent, therapeutic animals? Welcome aboard the forum, if you ever some through Corvallis drop me a line and we can chat about the salt water hobby\obsession, it always helps to talk about it. I am sure I will see you around.

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I feel very lucky to have seen Holly's tanks. The display tank is pristine Her two anemone tanks are awesome. Holly's most amazing tank is her anenome tank. I could'nt even begin to count how many she has in there. She gave me a new perspective on where I can go with this hobby. ROCK ON HOLLY! .

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Awww, shucks! Thanks, Louis. It was great to meet you yesterday. That was a very generous donation you made to the Thumper auction. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

what type of nems you growing? Rba, rock nem?



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