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Where's Waldo Rbta edition


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Haha, at least the foot should be easy to dislodge. Funny how they pick where to settle at. I had a recently split clone that decided to roam, went to peel it off and tore off a pea sized piece of the foot. 2 weeks later there is a teeny BTA roaming around in good health.


Speaking of where's Waldo, here's a pic of one I spent a long time looking for, enjoy!



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Wow that is a nem on a mission!

He sure is, when i finally was able to catch him and return him to the colander (2-3 weeks later) i walked into the room to check and make sure he was still there, not only was he still there but he decided to split and there were now two.


A good surprise in the hobby for once, except now there's two to chase around  :laugh:

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