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Live Rock (branching) + Equipment (Skimmers, Vortec, Reeflo, Reef Breeders, Reef Oct, Etc)


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OK, all of my fish are caught and waiting new homes, not its time to sell the equipment and live rock. 

Live rock first.  Almost all of it has some coral on it (Mushrooms, Kenya trees, toadstool, etc.)  Lots and lots of critters; bristleworms, starfish, pep shrimp etc.


Willing to sell the rock for $2/lb.  These are mostly very large pieces, with one piece measuring almost 2ft. long and (built out of multiple large rocks with fiberglass rods.  

Here are the pics:


The largest rock structure.  About 2 ft. long and one foot deep, with multiple levels and a hanging branch.  Stands about 2 ft tall.  Covered in life.  Kenya trees, mushrooms, toadstool coral.





This is what it looked like when I built it.  Ignore the picture date, these were taken about 4 years ago.







Another large rock structure.  Comes as one piece.  Has a kenya tree on it, along with several species of mushroom.





This piece has neon green shrooms and red mushrooms on it.





Dozens of neon green shrooms, some blue mushrooms and red mushrooms on this piece.





Two heads of Kenya Tree on this, along with green, blue and red mushrooms.




Old birdsnest skeleton covered in all three colors of mushroom.




Smaller Rock






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Apollo Reef LED Sunburst UV 5000 – Manually Dimmable.  Has Moonlights on a separate channel so they can be dimmed separtely..  Used for only about 8 months.   $120








Older Apollo Reef V2 LED 14K.  Non-dimmable, but with moonlight.  $70





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