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WTB: Ghost Skimmer


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I want to buy the innovative marine ghost skimmer, desktop model. I'd rather buy it used instead of paying full price for it. But if all else fails I'll buy it new.


If anyone has one they are willing to sell or trade for I would be open. I have a hydor slim skim for my larger setup I can trade. I just want a small skimmer that fits in my new Nuvo 10 gallon. And I know the ghost skimmer does.



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I have a IM Skimmate that I just replaced with a Ghost.  Was using it in my 16G.  Works great, actually I don't think the Ghost is any better despite all the buzz.  My tank is under a cabinet so I just needed something that was a little easier to maintain.


I will take $50 for it.  Otherwise I will just keep it as a backup.

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