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Having trouble posting photos?

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There have been a couple people who have not known how to post photos quickly and efficiently so I figured I'd give a quick tutorial.


There are two main ways to do this that I will speak on. One is using Tapatalk and the other is using some kind of photo hosting site such as Photobucket. By far Tapatalk is the the easiest way to post photos from mobile devices. (For those who tried Tapatalk during our previous software, give it a try again, as it is way faster and more fluid than before).


First, Tapatalk. This is an app that you can buy for free for either Apple or Android platforms. Download it. Not only can you post photos instantly, but you can scroll the forum way easier.


I don't know how much different it will look on the Apple platform, but from what I've heard, it's about the same. When viewing any thread, just click the "+" button. Here is a screen shot of me about to give a reply to the January POTM Thread:f418b5445980de3f06dc7d073b5bdde2.jpg

Notice the + button?


Click that. That will take you to this screen:



Click the "Camera" icon and that will allow you to either select a photo already on your phone or just take a picture right then.

Clicking the "Paper Clip" icon will allow you to attach images, but this is not nearly as convenient as being able to have the images imbedded in the text so you see them right when the thread loads.


Once you select the photo, you can still type and/or add more photos.


The other way to do things is through the use of a photo hosting site. For simplicity, I will use Photobucket, but you can use a different one if you prefer.


You have to create an account with that hosting site, so visit the page, and create an account.


When you first sign in, you will see this page:


Click the "Upload" button. That will take you to this screen:


Once here, you can select photos from your computer by either opening the "Choose Photos and Videos" box or simply dragging them from another folder and dropping them in. Once they are uploaded, you can visit your "Library," by selecting the Library button. Then when you select on the desired image you will get these options next to the image:


Select the direct link. Photobucket will automatically copy it for you.


After that, visit the thread on your computer and select the little green button. It's a tree, but it's very small. (It is underneath the Smiley face icon and a little to the left).


Click that and then add the URL you just copied from Photobucket by pressing CTRL V or right clicking and then selecting paste. Voila! Picture added from your computer to your thread.


I know this might seem difficult, but it really couldn't be much easier. Once you do it a time or two, it will become second nature. Now go out there and post some photos!

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Thanks for the info, I have tried the same with pasting in the thread with some working and some not I'll try the tree pic





Yep that works a lot better, my turbinaria coral on it's way out. That's the bottom of a 50g barrel i cut to put it in. The red spots are on my phone camera after it got wet, had to get a new S5   :happy:



Let's see some more or post if it doesn't work for you on your computer,phone etc

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