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what browser are you using? I find it best on chrome or firefox. tapatalk works fine too. Sucks that soo many people are experiencing problems, but I can't seem to replicate them. On safari I noticed the reply section was a hit or miss with typing in there, but I just go to chrome instead.

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When you open your message center, the top box will be your inbox preview. This works a little differently than the last software. In that preview you will see a snipit of the text someone sent you, but not the entire PM. To see the entire PM you need to click on the subject line. Once you click on the subject line the entire PM chain will open.


To respond type in the box that says write something.


So far for me on the new software PM's seem to be working fine. I have used it on 6 different machines now and I am unable to replicate most of the errors that are reported. Which is kind of frustrating because it limits my ability to help. So the more information you give me, the greater chance I have of finding the problem and fixing it.


If you are getting an error a screen shot of the error message is a huge clue for me, but if it is just not working, I have a hard time diagnosing what that means. Some of the problems we are experiencing are due to the software, and we can not fix/change them.


We are working on moving the site to another new software and new server which "should" fix most of the problems (no doubt another learning period), but if I can fix things before the transition I will. Please be patient with me, I'm not an IT guy and being the software is so new finding the correct information to fix the problem can sometimes take me hours. I'm doing my best.

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