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My next stupid question =)


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Alright I thought I was done in my line of stupid questions DOH! But here I go again


For my tank build, the pump has a 3/4" hose fitting. And my tank has a 1" return pipe. This should be a simple fix. 1" hose on the tank and 3/4" hose on the pump with a adaptor somewhere in the middle. But I can not find the piece of plastic to connect the two.


Any hints on where to find this would be greatly appricated. Or if I'm doing this all wrong (entirely possible :o) Please let me now that as well.


Thank you for the help

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You can get a double sided barb fitting at lowes. They have them with one side 1" and the other 3/4". They do here atleast lol.


This is what I did. I believe they are separate from the rest of the plumbing supplies on the next aisle over and they are grey.

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