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(2) frags fuschia pink acro w/ neon green polyps FS

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I have had this acropora ( I believe it's A. subglabra) now for about 6months and it's time to frag it. I have not made this available until now, and this is the only one I have ever seen like it. I have asked around on R2R and RC- no ones ever seen this or could help me with an ID.


Anyway, here's the colony:






It's a sloooooow grower, and does best under med light and med flow. Higher light causes color to be a lighter pink - lower light causes color to be more fuschia-purple. The coralites (tips) and polyps are neon green.


One frag 2" $100 SOLD MRBRET


One frag 1-1/2" $75 SOLD FRANKB


Mod's please close thread - thx

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let me know if the prices drop...ill pick up the 2"...my wallet cant handle a 75-100 hit...if your willing to do something closer to 40-50' date=' please pm me...if not totally understand and glws.[/quote']


Totally understand.


2" $100. I will take it kind sir. Thanks


You got it Bret. Marked yours.

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Great looking tank and a nice piece' date=' but I want to know WHAT IS THIS BECAUSE I WANT IT![/quote']


That is a montipora digitata: Forest Fire Digi is it's name. Mine is unique as the base is a bluish color. It's hard to see with all the red-orange polyps out.

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