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Fragging acans.


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So got the diamond blade today and slowly went to cutting. Everything went smoothly. Did the cuts little by little so I wouldn't cause to much heat. Went ahead and cut a 2 head frag of my tri color and cut frags of most of the others. Going to let them heal for a month then ill post them. Thanks Brad even though I saw your post after I finished. Lol. Watched quite a few hours of video before I attempted doing this.

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Made sure to give them a dip and fed after cutting. Will post pics once their not so mad at me.


What is it you use to dip them? I think in the last month I have made about 140 acan frags, I'm getting the hang of it(clap), but I never dipped any.


Its funny how I go on different kicks with corals, now its acans


I just got a pretty nice one in a recent trade, maybe we can do some trades down the road



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Put them into a iodine/sw bath after cutting.

Nice acan. Your such a show off. Lmao



Its a temptation for you, maybe some trading needs to happen once it 'grows up' (whistle)


If you're not familiar with JF, his photos, in my observation are JACKED up (nono) but it was a trade so no loss


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