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Funny story with the wife and my new clam


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I bought a cuc from Garrett at TPA and had him throw me a clam in the mix. He shipped it out yesterday and it just arrived. I was supposed to be home around 4, but got a call from a guy that needed me to fill in to officiate a high school football game tonight. Well that means my stuff is gonna be sitting in bags. No big deal really as Garrett packed very well, but I felt more comfortable at least getting the clam in the tank. Here goes the story.... My wife likes to look, never touch my tank and she barely looks at it. All she sees is dollar bills. Lol. Well I asked her if she would put my clam in the tank after it floated in my sump for 20 minutes or so.(I did talk her into unpacking the box and floating the stuff) She of course replied with "uhhhhh, are you serious!?" I told her "no don't worry about it, it should live" (yes I know I'm mean) lol. Well she said she'd call me back and she would take care of it. (Such an amazing wife). Here comes the best part..... She was opening the bag and just looking inside to grab it and it squirted her right in the face. Bahahahahaha.... Of course she called me in a panic to tell me and once I stopped laughing all seems to be good. Best part is my son got a lot of it on video. He's only 5 so his skills are worse than Mr.S', but the sound is all there. Also I forgot to mention she thinks my blue throat trigger is jaws so she's terrified he's gonna pop out of the rock he's hiding in cause he's scared ****less and chew her arm off. rofl It all just adds to the screaming and horror as the clam skadooshes her in the face. Wish I could have witnessed it all first hand. (laugh)

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