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Blue Agave's


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These were hard to find, my first attempt to frag for what ever reason they all died. 3 months later was finaly able to make a few frags. 1 polyp $25, 2 polyps $40, the 3 polyp one is $60..... Will be a while before i have these again.

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Man, you even snuck that in while i was loading the pictures, lol. Also have a 4 polyp frag of pink zippers for$25 and of course some magician's and purple people eaters but everyone has those so won't post anything unless someone asks.IMAG1017_zpsb3f4e026.jpg

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[language filter]. Had to teach a class and missed one of my favorite zoas...Oh well.
I will put ya first on my list when the next batch comes up. My mother colony is 6 fat polyps packed tight together. I mounted them on a small branch type of live rock so hopefully they will spread out and multiply quicker than before.
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