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Your sps tanks worst nightmare - Coral donations needed


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This little fella is a rescue I pulled out of my old sps tank. I used to donate a stick or two a month so he could chow down, but since taking my sps tank down I am now starving this poor crabby bastard. He does scavenge just about anything, so don't worry he's fine:)


But seriously, if you have some over growing monti digita, or other annoying coral, my coral munching crab would much to be obliged.


iPhone 4S pics......hmmmmm




He is at the moment the most prized critter in my pest tank. Really odd crab.




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This is funny to me. I had the same crab in my tank for 2 years. He made it through the transfer ad has been chomping on my Sps for years. I tried to many ways to catch him but was never successful. One morning I caught him off guard and nabbed him with some tweezers and killed him....happiest day of reefing so far.

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I don't have a scientific id, potentially a gorilla crab? He's jet black though with almost no markings. He's a general scavenger, munching on detritus and regular fish food, but when I used to put sps sticks in there he would snap and munch them like a snickers bar.

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I thought Gorilla crabs were covered in short spikes, but I can't tell from your picture - he's cool though.

I had one in a 75g years ago and he ate all my snails and hermits at first, then I got a rock with a mantis hitchhiker and he ate my crab - 1 year later I finally caught the mantis by smashing the rock he was in on my driveway with a sledgehammer...I was pissed at him...he ate my fish - all my fish!!!

But a cool crab you have there nonetheless

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